Latest Beer price in Goa [updated 2024]

Beer price in Goa: Goa, is the smallest state in India and is known for its scenic beaches, nightlife, and its love for Beer. The state has a high demand for beer, which is reflected in the prices of various alcoholic beverages. In this article, we will discuss the prices of various types of Beer in Goa. The prices of Beer in Goa are so cheaper than in other Indian states. So if you are a beer lover and planning to visit Goa then it is a perfect place for you. 

First and foremost, Indian-made foreign liquor IMFL is one of Goa’s most beloved alcoholic drinks; prices typically range from Rs.150 for a quarter bottle and up to Rs.600 for a full bottle and brands like Old Monk, Officer’s Choice and McDowell’s No.1 can often be found widely available across wine stores and bars throughout Goa.

Wine is another popular alcoholic drink in Goa and its prices range from Rs.500 to Rs.3000, depending on the type and brand of wine. Popular wine brands in Goa include Sula, Grover, and Fratelli.

Latest Beer price in Goa | Goa beer price

NameBeer prices in GoaVolume Price 
1906 Reserva Beer price330 ml₹250
Arbor Easy Rider Can price330 ml₹95
Arbor Goa Bliss price in Goa330 ml₹95
Arbor Smooth Criminal Can330 ml₹120
Asahi Japan No.1 Beer 330 ml₹160
Beck’s Ice Beer price330 ml₹45
Beck’s Ice Beer Can price500 ml₹60
Bira 91 Blonde beer price Goa330 ml₹60
Bira 91 Blonde price650 ml₹120
BIRA 91 IPA price330 ml₹80
BIRA 91 STRONG beer price in Goa330 ml₹80
BIRA 91 STRONG price650 ml₹160
BIRA 91 WHITE 330 ml₹60
Budejovicky Budvar Czech Beer price330 ml₹150
Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer price650 ml₹120
Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer330 ml₹120
Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer500 ml₹100
Budweiser Premium King of Beer price650 ml₹120
Budweiser Premium King of Beer330 ml₹60
Budweiser Premium King of Beers Can price500 ml₹100
Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer price650 ml₹120
Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer 330 ml₹60
Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer 650 ml₹120
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer can price500 ml₹100
Christoffel Bier price330 ml₹275
Corona Beer price in Goa330 ml₹125
Corona Extra Beer price in Goa355 ml₹140
Corona Light price355 ml₹140
Corona sunsets beer price473 ml₹280
Edelweiss Beer price in Goa330 ml₹180
Eight Finger Eddie Beer price330 ml₹110
Eight Finger Eddie Pineapple Sasson 330 ml₹100
Estrella Galicia Beer price330 ml₹225
Fosters Lager Beer 650 ml₹120
Fosters Lager Beer price330 ml₹60
Fosters Lager Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Foster’s Strong Premium Beer 650 ml₹120
Foster’s Strong Premium Beer price330 ml₹60
Foster’s Strong Premium Beer Can500 ml₹110
Fuller’s London Pride Beer Bottle price330 ml₹170
Geist Dark Hand-Crafted Natural Beer Bottle355 ml₹180
Goa Kings Pilsner Beer Bottle330 ml₹59
Guinness Draught Beer price440 ml₹375
Heineken Beer price in Goa330 ml₹70
Heineken Lager Beer price650 ml₹120
Heineken Lager Beer 330 ml₹60
Heineken tin Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Hoegaarden Beer price330 ml₹280
Hoegaarden Wit Blanche price330 ml₹150
Hopper Blonde Beer price330 ml₹120
Hopper Witbier Beer 330 ml₹120
Indus Pride Citrusy Cardamom Premium Lager Beer price330 ml₹65
Kapittel Watou Pater price330 ml₹1153
King Fisher Premium Lager Beer in Goa330 ml₹60
Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer price650 ml₹120
Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer in Goa330 ml₹60
Kingfisher BLUE Premium Beer price500 ml₹100
Kingfisher Draught Beer 500 ml₹100
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer price650 ml₹120
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer 650 ml₹120
Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer price330 ml₹60
Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer 500 ml₹100
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer price in Goa650 ml₹150
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer 330 ml₹80
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer price in Goa500 ml₹120
Knock Out Refreshing Strong Beer price1000 ml₹170
Knockout Refreshing Strong Beer 650 ml₹120
Knockout Refreshing Strong Beer 330 ml₹60
Knockout Refreshing Strong Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Beer 330 ml₹160
Leffe Beer 330 ml₹280
Miller ace strong price650 ml₹120
Miller ace strong beer price330 ml₹60
Miller ace strong Can price500 ml₹100
Miller High Life price650 ml₹120
Miller High Life 330 ml₹70
Miller High Life tin Can price500 ml₹100
Murphy’s Irish Stout Can500 ml₹500
Peroni Nastro Azzurro Beer 330 ml₹185
Peroni Nastro Azzurro Birra Superiore 330 ml₹130
Royal Challenge Premium Lager Beer price330 ml₹50
Schnieder Weisse beer price330 ml₹200
Simba Lager Beer price330 ml₹60
Simba Stout Beer 330 ml₹90
Simba Wit Beer 330 ml₹70
St. Bernardus Tripel price330 ml₹160
St. Feuillien – Tripel 330 ml₹120
St.Bernardus ABT-12 330 ml₹120
Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer price330 ml₹180
Stout Super Bock Sabor 330 ml₹125
The Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer price650 ml₹120
The Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer 330 ml₹50
The Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Tsingtao Biere Beer 330 ml₹145
Tuborg Booster Strong Premium Beer 650 ml₹120
Tuborg Green Beer price in Goa650 ml₹110
Tuborg Green Beer 330 ml₹60
Tuborg Green Beer Can price500 ml₹100
Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 650 ml₹110
Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 330 ml₹60
Tuborg Strong Premium Beer Can price500 ml₹100
UB Export Lager Beer650 ml₹120
UB Export Lager Beer 330 ml₹50
UB Export Strong Premium Beer 650 ml₹120
UB Export Strong Premium Beer 330 ml₹50
Ultra max price in Goa650 ml₹150
Ultra max beer price330 ml₹80
Ultra max 500 ml₹120
White Owl Diablo Beer can price330 ml₹90
Witlinger Premium Lager beer price in Goa330 ml₹80

Is beer cheaper in Goa?

Yes, Beer is so cheaper in Goa.

Which beer is famous in Goa?

Goa is famous for Kingfisher Beer. Kingfisher Pilsner premium beer stands out as being highly aromatic with an alcohol content of 4.85% and ranks sixth favourite among India’s national beer rankings.

How much does 330 ml of beer cost in Goa?

The price of a 330ml Beer in Goa typically ranges from Rs.80 to Rs.160 as per different Brands. 

In Conclusion

The prices of beer in Goa can also vary depending on where it is purchased ranging from Rs.60 to Rs.250 as per bottle size and brand. Tourist hotspots, such as Baga and Calangute, typically have higher prices compared to other areas in the state. This is because these areas attract a large number of tourists and have a higher demand for beer, and therefore, liquor stores and bars can afford to charge more. On the other hand, purchasing beer from local liquor stores or in areas that are not tourist hotspots can result in lower prices.

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