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Paul John whisky price: Paul John whisky is an excellent single malt whisky that is produced by John Distilleries. Ltd. in Goa, India. The distillery was founded at the end of 1996, by. Paul P. John is an entrepreneur with a love for whisky. The distillery initially produced whiskies that were blended, but in 2008 Paul John decided to create a range made of whiskies with single malts.

Paul John Indian Single Malts are carefully crafted from handpicked ingredients such as barley yeast and water from Goa’s hot, sandy beaches to produce its distinct and beautiful hue.

Goa’s tropical climate provides the ideal setting for whisky to reach its full potential; their exquisite combination of science, art and nature results in meticulously monitored processes of mashing grains through distillation, fermentation, maturation vatting and finally bottling for these luxurious Single Malts by Paul John Indian Single Malts.

Paul John whisky is available in Three different sizes 50ml, 750ml and 1000ml.

Paul John Whisky Price In Delhi

Brand + VolumePrice
John Single Malt Whisky 50ml₹300
Paul John Brilliance Whisky 50ml₹270
Paul John Single Malt Whisky 750ml₹4500
Paul John Brilliance Whisky 750ml₹4000
Paul John Single Malt Whisky 1000ml₹5340

Paul John whisky price in Goa

Volume Price
750ML Rs.4500

Paul John Whisky Price In India

 Whisky  Price
Delhi 750MLRs.4500
Goa 750MLRs.4500
Hyderabad 750MLRs.3960
Mumbai 750MLRs.4500
Bangalore 750MLRs.4600

Paul John whisky variants

There are total 6 different variants of Paul John whisky available in the Indian Market. Each variant has its unique taste and flavour. The price of each variant depends on different factors like local taxes and the location of the store.

  1. Paul John Brilliance 
  2. Paul John Edited 
  3. Paul John Bold
  4. Paul John Classic Select Cask
  5. Paul John Peated Select Cask 
  6. Paul John Kanya 

About Paul John Whisky

Alcohol Percentage46%
Country of originIndia
ManufacturerPaul john
Establishment Year1996

Today in this article we discussed the latest paul john whisky prices in goa and Delhi. there may be some variation in the price due to some factors for the exact price it is recommended to visit your nearest wine shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Paul John whisky price in Bangalore?

The price of Paul John whisky in Bangalore is ₹4600 For 750ml.

Paul John whisky price in Delhi?

The price of Paul John whisky in Delhi is ₹4500 For 750ml.

Paul John whisky price in Goa?

The price of Paul John whisky in Goa is ₹4500 For 750ml.

Paul John whisky price in Mumbai?

The price of Paul John whisky in Mumbai is ₹4500 For 750ml.

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