Latest White Mischief Vodka Price in India 2024

White Mischief Vodka Price: Hello friends, welcome back to, today in this article we will discuss the latest white mischief vodka price in India and all other information related to this vodka brand like its variants, bottle sizes and manufacturing process.

The alcohol percentage of White Mischief vodka is 42% which indicates its strongness like other brands Smirnoff and Absolute vodka. White Mischief vodka is available in different bottle sizes like 180ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1000ml so you can buy white Mischief vodka as per your requirements.

White Mischief vodka brand is readily available in India at the cheapest prices making it accessible to everyone. The price of 750ml white mischief vodka typically ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.680 as per different variants.

White Mischief Vodka Price

Here is the list of average prices of white Mischief vodka is given below:

White Mischief Vodka Price750ml₹620
White Mischief Vodka Price375ml₹330
White Mischief Vodka Price180ml₹170
White Mischief Green Apple Vodka price750ml₹660
White Mischief Green Apple Vodka price375ml₹340
White Mischief Green Apple vodka price180ml₹180

White Mischief Vodka 750ml Price

The price of 750ml White Mischief vodka typically ranges from ₹600 to ₹650 in India.

White Mischief Vodka 375ml Price

The price of 375ml White Mischief vodka typically ranges from ₹300 to ₹350 in India.

White Mischief Vodka 180ml Price

The price of 180ml White Mischief vodka typically ranges from ₹150 to ₹200 in India.

In conclusion

White Mischief is a brand of Indian vodka and brandy produced by Shaw Wallace Distilleries Ltd, now part of United Breweries Group (UB Group). United Spirits Ltd, the spirits division within UB Group, claims a market share of 46% for White Mischief as India’s top selling vodka brand.

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