King Hawk Whisky price in India [updated 2024]

King Hawk Whisky price: Hello friends, today in this blog we are going to share the newly launched King Hawk Whisky price in India and also provide its all details like its nose, palate, finish and colour. King Hawk Scotch Whisky is an elegant blend from some of Scotland’s premier malts found in its Highland region, made by Master Distillers to the highest Scottish traditions, aged, blended, blended again in Scotland before finally being chill-filtered to perfection for maximum taste and aroma.

King Hawk whisky is Carefully aged in American Oak casks for optimal flavour development before finally being chill-filtered to achieve perfection. King Hawk scotch is an easy and balanced drink with the intention of encouraging sharing for an enriching life.

King Hawk Blended Scotch Whisky offers an exquisite balance and consistency that delights whisky experts and newcomers. King Hawk whisky is Perfect for celebrating life’s little joys.

King Hawk Whisky price in India

Kin Hawk whisky is available only in 1-liter packaging.

King Hawk whiskyvolumePrice(ex tax)
King Hawk Whisky price in Kolkata1000mlRs.2300
King Hawk Whisky price in UP1000mlRs.2300
King Hawk Whisky price in Uttrakhand1000mlRs.2300
King Hawk Whisky price in Haryana1000mlRs.1600
King Hawk Whisky price in Delhi1000mlRs.2100

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King Hawk whisky Notes

  • Nose: Sweet nose with the smell of orchard fruits, cocoa powder and vanilla fudge.
  • Palate: Soft and delicious with layers of cooked fruits, vanilla pod, apple strudel and cedarwood spices.
  • Finish: notes of blackberry and elderflower evolving to an aromatic almond aftertaste
  • Colour: Deep Amber

King Hawk whisky price

The King Hawk whisky price in Kolkata for a 1000ml bottle costs Rs.2300. King Hawk whisky is not widely available in India. This whisky is available in only some places. Hope you have gotten all the relevant information regarding King Hawk whisky.

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