Latest Teachers whisky price in kolkata 750ml (Updated 2024)

Sterling Reserve B7 price in Kolkata: In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of Teachers whisky price in Kolkata. Teachers Whisky is a renowned Scotch whisky label with an extensive history and high standards. The top ingredients that are used to manufacture Teachers whisky give it its distinctive flavour.

A rich and malty base is created by malted barley. Complexity and depth are provided by the rye and corn. To make teachers whisky grain and malt are carefully blended.

Teachers whisky has gained huge recognition in the Eastern region of the country, particularly in Kolkata. In this article, we’ll review the Teachers Whisky Price in Kolkata and the other variants available in the Indian Market.

Teachers whisky is available in different types of bottle sizes from 60ml to 1000ml. You can buy teachers whisky as per your requirements. The price of Teachers 750ml whisky in Kolkata is Rs.3520 and Rs.1700 for the 375ml variant. This price may vary on which variant you are buying because teachers whisky is available in Four variants.

Teachers whisky price in Kolkata

Teachers 50 Whisky price in Kolkata1000ml₹4000
Teachers 50 Whisky price in Kolkata750ml₹3520
Teachers 50 Whisky price in Kolkata375ml₹1700
Teachers 50 Whisky price in Kolkata180ml₹800
Teachers 50 Whisky price in kolkata60ml₹260
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price1000ml₹3000
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price750ml₹2450
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price375ml₹1225
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price180ml₹594
Teachers Highland Cream whisky price60ml₹210
Teachers whisky price in Kolkata

About Teachers Whisky

Alcohol Percentage42.8%
Country of originIndia
Establishment Year1830

Teachers Whisky Variants

There are Four different variants of Teachers whisky available in Kolkata. Each of Teachers whisky variants is known for its unique taste and flavour.

  1. Teachers Highland Cream
  2. Teachers 50
  3. Teachers Origin
  4. Teachers 25


What is the Teachers whisky price in kolkata

The price of 750ml Teachers whisky in Kolkata is Rs.3520

What is the Teachers whisky 375ml price in Kolkata?

The price of 375ml Teachers whisky in Kolkata is Rs.1700

How much alcohol is in Teachers whisky?

The alcohol percentage of Teachers whisky is 42.8%

We hope that this article provided you with information regarding the latest Teachers whisky 750ml price in Kolkata. For more accurate prices it is recommended that you should visit your nearest liquor shop.


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